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1224 From Minamiyamate to the Oura Settlement (1)
No: 1224
Creator: Uchida, Kuichi
Area: Nagasaki City
Years: 1868-1882
Album: Suzuki Shinichi II (Studio)
Color: color
Size: 266x208
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  This is a view of Oura and Dejima seen from area near the lookout at present-day Glover Garden. To the lower left of the photo is No.8 Minamiyamate, and the big building to the centre right with two flagpoles is the Bell Vue Hotel, which dated back to the end of the Edo Period. In front of hotel is the slope to Oura Cathedral. Large Western-style buildings of two stories have started to appear along the Oura waterfront street ("Bund"), and the original building of the Unjosho (customs office) stands at the end of the street. On the Higashiyamate hillside, only the building at No.14 can be seen. The house at No.16 (presently moved to Minamiyamate) does not yet exist. From the appearance of the buildings, the photo was probably taken in 1872 or 1873. Nagasaki Harbour was no longer dredged after the end of the Edo Period, and so the sediment carried downstream by the Nakashima River accumulated and caused mud flats to appear at low tide near Dejima. This made it difficult for small boats to come alongside Dejima and Oura, and it served to motivate the later harbour reclamation project. The pile to the left in the vacant lot of No.42 Sagarimatsu is probably coal.