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1841 Benten Dori Street (2)
No: 1841
Creator: Kusakabe, Kinbei
Area: Yokohama
Years: 1883-1897
Color: color
Size: 264x202
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  This is a corner of the business district embellished with lanterns. Since the street connects to the approach of Suboshi Benten-sha Shrine, it is called Benten Dori (Street). During the Meiji Period, it had shops that sold imported goods to the Japanese and shops that sold Japanese goods to foreigners. The clocktower of the Kawakita Naozo Store, Benten Dori's major landmark, is visible on the far right. Since the tower is under construction, the photo must have been taken around 1894. Judging from the shop signs, the shop on the right is Kimura Shoten, an arts and crafts shop probably catering to the foreigners. The one on the left is Ise-ya, a watch and glass store that also sold imported goods to the Japanese. Ise-ya has a sign that reads, "Exclusive agents for the Swiss watch importer James Favre-Brandt." A sign with a drawing of a watch is also visible. These shops were typical for Benten Dori. This is catalogue #521 from the collection of Kusakabe Kinbe.