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650 View of Nakashima River and Shimonishiyama-machi
No: 650
Creator: Uchida, Kuichi
Area: Nagasaki Nakashima Brook
Years: 1868-1882
Color: color
Size: 135x93
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  To the left of the photo is the Shimonishiyama-machi neighbourhood, and to the right is Katafuchi. The photo is taken from a spot descending slightly in the direction of Katafuchi from the foot of Ote Bridge along the river. The Otemon (gate) of the Nagasaki clan (pre-modern rulers of Nagasaki) was located at the foot of the bridge, so the stream was called Domon (shrine gate) River. At present, it is generally called Nakashima River. During the river works after the Great Nagasaki Flood of 1982, the dam in the centre of the photo was demolished. The building in the upper part of the photo on a stone foundation and surrounded by trees is the present Fukiro restaurant. Fukiro used to be called Senshutei, and was renowned as Senshutei of Matsunomori from the Edo Period. It is still one of Nagasaki's prominent Japanese style restaurants. When Ito Hirobumi stayed here around 1887, he renamed it "Fukiro" at the request of the woman owner, Uchida Tome, using the Chinese characters in her name. Behind Fukiro are the grounds of Matsunomori Shinto Shrine. The roof of the main shrine building can be seen amidst the trees. The "Shokunin zukushi" (relief carvings of traditional arts and crafts), designated by the Nagasaki prefecture government as a tangible cultural asset, decorate the transom of the wall surrounding the main building of Matsunomori Shrine.